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After more than 47 years in the medical profession, I currently offer 3 main types of therapy, all of which can relieve chronic (long standing) and acute (recent) pain, and 2 which can literally accelerate ALL healing including injuries, illnesses, diseases, and emotional issues, even from a distance!

I’ve been practicing massage therapy for 27 years, Quantum-Touch® (an amazing technique which uses Life Force energy to help you heal) since 2002 and, since 2008, a “new” technique called the Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy which balances the bioenergy field surrounding your physical body.  There’s more about Quantum-Touch and the Domancic Method further down this page.

There is more to a massage than the application of one or more physical techniques. The attitude, the energy, the focus, and the intention of the therapist directly influence the outcome of the massage. I have received massages from therapists who, during my session, shared their own personal problems. I actually felt worse after those massages. Another therapist I went to for a relaxing massage couldn’t stop herself from digging in on every knot she found in my body. When I brought it to her attention that I was there to relax, she said, “But you need this.” I knew I needed some deep work, but that’s not why I was there on that day. Once again, I was disappointed.

Therapists whose fingers and/or breath literally reek of cigarette smoke are simply not conscious of how offensive and distracting the odor is to their non-smoking clients. I’ve been to therapists whose touch was so light that I felt like I hadn’t even been massaged – I’d been “fluffed”. On the other hand (no pun intended), I went to a Scottish man who did a “Lymphatic Pump: Thoracic Outlet” technique as part of his Myofascial Release routine. He compressed my chest so deeply and for so long that I literally could not inhale to the point where I actually thought I was going to pass out! I suppose that’s one way to relax, but it was not what I was seeking.

For 1 hour to 90 minutes every morning, before I even get out of bed, I practice “Knowledge”: four simple techniques designed to take me within to experience the source of love, the source of peace, the source of happiness that exists within the heart of every human being. Knowing that place within has helped me to see that place inside everyone else. Because we all have the same Creator, we are truly brothers and sisters. This awareness is present during every massage, Quantum-Touch, and Domancic session I offer. To learn more about “Knowledge” being freely offered by Prem Rawat (also known by the honorary title, Maharaji), please visit www.wopg.org or www.tprf.org.

Quantum-Touch (QT), as I will mention more than once on this site, is an amazing healing modality. I was so impressed with the speed at which people were healing that I became a Certified QT Instructor to help others learn this valuable tool so they, too, can help heal their children, their families, their pets, their plants, and themselves. Update: When Quantum-Touch began to charge a fee to maintain my instructor status I was unable to pay that fee. Therefore, I am no longer allowed to teach Quantum-Touch. If you’d like to learn the Quantum-Touch techniques, please visit the Quantum-Touch website and click on the “Workshops” heading at the top of their page.

Reiki Masters who have learned Quantum-Touch say it “turbo charges” their Reiki sessions. One Reiki Master described Quantum-Touch as “Reiki on steroids”. Qi Gong Masters say it triples their output. Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, nurses, physical therapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, and people with no prior experience have ALL reported phenomenal, almost unbelievable results using the simple techniques taught in the Quantum-Touch workshops. As a stand-alone modality, or in conjunction with other modalities, Quantum-Touch truly is an invaluable tool that you can use the rest of your life.

I’ve been so impressed with what I’ve seen using QT that I’ve added a “QT Healing Stories” page to this website where I share only SOME of the results my clients have experienced.

The Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy has replaced Quantum-Touch as my favorite healing modality. The results I’ve seen have impressed me enough to add 3 pages of information to this website including the history of the method, the extensive list of health problems which can be alleviated or entirely eliminated by following the Domancic protocols, and some of the healing stories I have personally witnessed using this remarkable technique.

My Fees:

  • 1-hour massage: $65 ($70 for out calls)
  • Six 1-hour massages: $325 ($350 for out calls) (for those who like what I do and want to see me on a regular basis – all 6 must be used within 3 months, either by you, or someone with whom you want to “gift” one or more )
  • 30-minute massage: $35.00 (no out calls)
  • 1-hour Quantum-Touch session: $50.00
  • 30-minute QT session: $30.00 (no out calls)
  • The 4-day Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy sessions: For donations only! (click on the DM Protocols link for an explanation of the sessions)


NOTE: Because Quantum-Touch and the Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy are energy-based modalities, I have successfully worked with clients all over Europe, the U.K., Ireland, Canada, all over the U.S. and Australia while sitting right here in my living room. Distant therapy clients simply send their payment/donations via the PayPal button located at the bottom of my “List of DM Protocols” page.

So, if you’re a tourist, a politician, a student, or someone who actually lives anywhere on Planet Earth, please contact me for an appointment. In my home office, I will make a conscious effort to pay attention to your requests and needs, while upholding the laws of Florida Statute 480, the Quantum-Touch Code of Ethics, and the Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy Code of Ethics.

I look forward to working with you, your children, your pets, your family and friends.

Peace and blessings to all.

“Outside – the ultimate variable. Inside – the ultimate constant. Choose one and be done with the paradox.” – Prem Rawat


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