DM Healing Stories

With the results I’ve been seeing using the Domancic Bioenergy protocols, I realized I need to share these results with you. Here are the results of only some of the Bioenergy Therapy sessions I’ve offered.


A woman in her 30’s came to my first “group healing” session. She had been in an auto accident 9 years ago which basically shattered her right ankle. When she sat in a chair with both legs elevated on another chair in front of her, I noticed that her right ankle was perpendicular to the floor, but her left ankle was relaxed and limp. When I asked her to relax her right ankle like the left, she explained that, during one of her multiple surgeries over the years, her surgeon “fused” her ankle bones together for support. She added, “That’s as good as it gets.”

I continued with her therapy and never touched her ankles or feet, allowing the energy to do what it does so well. As I stood up to do the next part of the protocol, one of the other women in the group said, “Look at her ankle.” Everyone in the room looked at this woman’s right ankle. It was now as relaxed and limp as the left one! The client exclaimed, “Omigod! 9 YEARS of therapy and no one has been able to do that!”

Although this woman never thanked me for what happened that night, never offered any donation for my time and effort, nor did she ever return for her last 3 treatments, I thought I’d share her remarkable results with you just to show what is possible with this modality. I’m happy that her immobile, fused ankle became flexible again within 15 minutes of Bioenergy Therapy.


A 40-something year old woman came to me with Asthma and Fibromyalgia. After her 2nd day’s treatment, she noticed she was coughing up more mucous at night. After her 4th day’s treatment, she said she felt like she could take deeper breaths, like there was more air getting into her lungs. Her Fibro pain was no longer “constant”, it had become “intermittent”. I massaged this client 6 weeks later. In those 6 weeks since her Bioenergy Therapy session, she did not need to use her inhaler AT ALL, she removed herself from her Singulair without any problems, and her Fibro pain still was “not staring me in the face all the time”, she was aware of her pain “every now and then”. She’s a happy camper.

UPDATE: I massaged this woman again 8 MONTHS after her one and only Bioenergy Therapy session in January. She mentioned that in those 8 months, she needed to use her inhaler only once after walking her dog on a very hot and humid afternoon. Her fibro pain continues to be intermittent. She could quite possibly eliminate that pain with one more session.

AIDS (distant healing)

A 34 year old man in a northern state was in the hospital with AIDS. He had been admitted because an MRI of his brain showed large areas of white spaces. His docs were trying to find out why. He was so weak he could not walk, he needed help getting out of bed into a wheelchair (and getting back into bed again), he was incontinent of bowel and bladder (nursing staff and/or parents had to clean him up and change his clothes), he was shaking so bad he could not feed himself (the dietitian put him on a soft food diet), and, at 6’2″ tall, he weighed 112 pounds. His parents told me they were doing a lot of praying. I did a 4-day “distant” healing session on this man from right here in my living room in Florida, following the Domancic Autoimmune protocol.

The very next day after his FIRST treatment, he woke up, realized he had “soiled” himself (bowel movement), and said “Screw this!” He then got up, WALKED into the bathroom, cleaned himself, dressed himself, and even tied his own shoes. Every day there was noticeable improvement. His shaking stopped, so he was returned to a regular diet. His parents walked into his room the morning after his 2nd treatment in time to watch their son walk out of the bathroom, get into bed, and scoot his butt back to sit up straight totally unassisted – and all this while holding a cup of coffee without spilling a drop!

Five days after his 4th treatment, his mother e-mailed this info to me: “Today is his 35th birthday and I really didn’t think we’d be celebrating it this year. But after his appointment yesterday his wife took him to the Moose Lodge (he’s a member and he really wanted to go there) for a birthday party. Family members who had seen him in the hospital were stunned when he got out of the wheel chair and walked to the bar for a drink (non-alcoholic of course!). And he cut and fed himself a steak dinner, and most of a taco dinner!”

His wife took him to his doctor for a check-up. The doctor told him and his wife that he has never seen so much improvement in such a short time. His M.D. kept looking at him and grinning and saying, “This is phenomenal!”

From this man’s father:

As you know the doctor was quite impressed with his recovery. One thing he did not think about was Freddie’s [not his son’s real name] CD4 count going up. I hope I didn’t screw up the numbers. Freddie’s CD4 count was borderline AIDs. 200 is the border and Freddie has just slipped below that to 198 which changed his status from HIV negative to AIDs. His count was up to 400. Freddie’s immune system is obviously working in order to reach that level of change in the short time he has been out of the Hospital.

I am so happy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I’m as amazed and happy as anyone that people are getting NOTICEABLE relief from their ailments where other, “standard” healing modalities have failed.

UPDATE: I did a second session on this man which ended on 1 May 09. I received the following information in an e-mail from his mother on July 5th:

“His brain biopsy showed no cancer. So his only issues are COPD, emphysema and AIDS. His last appointment showed that his CD4 count was up to 563 and his viral load was down to 75. The doctor said he can’t get better than 75! He and his wife are out to dinner right now. It’s been a long, long time since he’s been able to do that. He’s still pretty weak and his mind is still not right (slow and at times confused), but he does seem to be improving.”

Once again, I feel much, much gratitude that this man, husband, father, and son is still alive and continues to improve after his Bioenergy Therapy.

UPDATE: I received the following e-mail from his father on 9 Nov 09 – words in [brackets] are mine:

Dear Rick.

I am more of a believer today than I ever was before. since [Freddie’s] Last vist, His doctor Told [Freddie’s wife] that in the 25 years of his treating HIV and AIDS Patients, [Freddie] was by far the worst case he has ever seen.

His Doctor gave him his results from his blood work of 3 weeks ago. His CD4 count is now 700. His viral Load is virtually nonexistent. He has never seen results go from so far to the extreme, to so far to the good. We were praying that [Freddie] not die, as we actually thought we were watching him dieing. Now, as his doctor said. These types of scores are what a normal uninfected patient would test at.

Having seen the virtual change in him overnight that we saw was in my own eyes amazing and what I would believe miraculous. Add to this the quotes from his doctor and I am thoroughly convinced now that you helped [Freddie’s] body heal itself.

Bio Energy therapy is truly a healing process that I am convinced works.

UPDATE: I spoke to Freddie’s father on 23 November and asked him what others have asked me, “Was Freddie cured of AIDS?” He stated that Freddie’s doctor couldn’t say that for sure, simply because in his 25 years of working with AIDS patients, he’s never seen anything like this before.

UPDATE: On 1 Feb. 10 I received this letter from Freddie’s father. Words in [brackets] are mine: “Rick, I just spoke with [Freddie’s] Doctor today. He knew I wanted to know the Viral Load and CD-4’s from [Freddie’s] admission date. He gave them to me today! When he went in [March, ’09] his Viral Load was 500,000!!!!!!!!!!! His CD-4 was 4.

Today his CD-4 is 939 and Viral Load still virtually non-existent.”

It warms my heart to know I was used as an instrument to not only help someone heal from what appeared to be a terminal illness, but to be given partial credit from his parents for literally saving the life of their son.


A woman brought her 10 year old Irish Setter to me. She explained that her dog, “Tasha”, had been very lethargic. Her vet said Tasha’s blood was not processing her fats properly, diagnosed her with Lipemia, and put her on a special diet. Tasha showed no improvement on the prescribed diet.

Her owner also explained that the life expectancy of an Irish Setter is 12 years, so she knew her dog was getting old. However, she didn’t want Tasha to spend the next couple years just laying around the house.

I did the “Blood Therapy” protocol on Tasha, the same protocol used for leukemia, anemia, hemophilia, bone marrow issues, etc. The entire treatment took no more than 10 minutes. When the 2 of them returned for the 2nd treatment the next day, the woman explained that Tasha slept all the way home (a 35 minute ride), and when they got home, Tasha jumped out of the SUV and ran all around the yard with more energy than her owner had seen in a long time.

A small cyst appeared just in front of Tasha’s right rear hip on the 3rd day. She was licking it and chewing on it. Her owner explained that she had noticed a small hard spot there before, just underneath the skin, but it just stayed there. To me, this was evidence that Tasha’s blood was indeed doing a better job of processing “something”, and that her immune system was functioning at a higher level.

I also noticed that Tasha was shedding a large amount of hair all 4 days. I couldn’t believe how much hair I was sweeping off the floor after they left each day. I thought, “That must be an ‘Irish Shedder’, for sure.”

Her owner returned the following week with her 86 year old mother and their 78 year old hair stylist, both of whom received Bioenergy Therapy. She also brought Tasha, but not for treatment. She understood that simply being in the room during the therapies would benefit Tasha even more. She told me that, in the last week, Tasha has been playing with toys she hasn’t played with in 3 or 4 years. I noticed, and mentioned, that there was a LOT less hair on my floor this week. Her owner stated that she used to “dread” taking Tasha to the vet because it took so long to clean all that hair off her cloth seats. Since her 4 day session, Tasha simply stopped shedding so much.

I also noticed that Tasha was paying absolutely no attention to the cyst on her right rear hip. Her owner sent me a photo of the cyst 1 month after her session. It had gone from bright red and moist to dull gray and dry. It was also noticeably smaller.


I was asked by a mother to work on her 27 year old daughter with Cerebral Palsy. “Jane” is mostly non-verbal. She can say “mom”, but I’ve never heard her say anything. She mostly crawls around her assisted living apartment, walking only occasionally, needs help being fed, and drools a lot. She has quite an assortment of braces and splints, plenty of adult diapers, and needs her wheelchair when going out in public.

During her first day’s therapy, I soon realized that Jane has the attention span of a 2 year old. Within minutes after I started, she kept wanting to stand up, or grab my arm, or look all around the room…things like that. Her mother sat on the other side of Jane while I worked, helping to hold her on the chair. When the time came to work on Jane’s back, I allowed her to stand up. She walked over to the corner post of her bunk bed and held onto it with her back turned towards me. Perfect! I worked on her back as she stood, and continued following the CP protocol all 4 days, working with Jane while being careful not to be too overbearing and controlling. I simply worked her on in whatever position she was willing to offer.

Within a week after her 4-day session, Jane was mostly WALKING around her apartment. Her mother also told me that the following Sunday Jane took all of her splints and braces out of the bag at the foot of her bed and carefully lined them up next to each other on her mattress. She then emptied her dresser drawers and lined up all her clothes on her mattress. Her mother said this was the first time Jane had ever done anything like that, and added that it was as if she was trying to get things “organized”. A second session is pending.


A mother brought her 7 year old daughter to me. When her daughter was 2, she managed to pull a large TV off the dresser. It landed on top of her, resulting in severe head trauma. Now, at 7, any time any normally insignificant thing upsets her, she goes into a violent tantrum – like a 2 year old. Her MD diagnosed her with autism and had her on some medication, but it didn’t seem to be controlling the tantrums.

While preparing to leave the house for her 2nd day’s therapy, her mother called to her daughter in another room to get ready to see “Mr. Rick”. The mother explained that she fully expected her daughter to go into another tantrum at that moment, since that was “normal” behavior for her. Only this time, instead of a full-blown tantrum, her daughter simply replied, very calmly, “Just a second, mom.”

After the 4th day’s therapy, I asked the mother what changes she noticed since we began. She said the most significant improvement was that her daughter had become “more compliant”.


I received an e-mail from a man in Berlin, Germany asking me to do a therapy on him. He has leukemia. He was in constant pain, with the pain becoming worse every afternoon.

After his 2nd day’s therapy he told me his pain had STOPPED getting worse in the afternoon. Two weeks later he e-mailed to say “…my pain is decreasing but sometime it come and goes but so far feel better…”

UPDATE: This man requested a 2nd 4-day session before returning to his homeland. Not long after completing those 4 days, he wrote to express his gratitude. Keep in mind that English is not his native language: “Bioenergy healing for me is the best i can feel the result though come and goes. I have taken reiki plus spiritualist distant healing but for me bioenergy is suitable for my diseases this is my opinion.”


“Katy” was diagnosed with Hepatitis-C in 2003. Her viral load was 8 million. In October, 2009 her viral load was up to 17.6 million. She came to see me for her first 4-day Bioenergy Therapy session in the 2nd week of December, 2009. Her lab results from 21 December 09 showed her viral load had dropped to 5.4 million. She is not taking any medications for the hepatitis, and the only thing she did differently between October and December was the 4-day Bioenergy Therapy session.

Katy completed her second 4-day session the first week of January, 2010, and will request another lab test at the end of the month to see if her viral load has dropped any more since her therapy in December. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: (30 Jan 10) Katy’s doctor gave her the paperwork to have more blood work done in April. Although he admitted there was quite a difference between her October and December lab results, he’s skeptical. I’ve offered to do at least 3 more sessions with Katy until her lab work in April. I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: (23 April 10) We’ve done a total of 4 Bioenergy Therapy sessions since January. Katy went for her lab work last Friday. She called the lab this afternoon and asked for the results. She was very excited when she told me that her viral load is now 2.5 million. She added that she’s been sleeping more soundly, and waking up feeling more rested in the morning.


I began working on this 36 year old woman in July of 2009. We’ve done 4 or 5 sessions since then. She was kind enough to share her results through this testimonial e-mail I received on 18 March 10:

“Here are the results from my bioenergy sessions: M/S: Before the therapy, both sides of my back/hips just under the waist area had terrible pain. It wasn’t as bad while sitting in a chair. If legs were bent in bed, as if sitting in a chair, it wasn’t bad. Otherwise, it hurt in bed, too. Now, after the therapy, there is no pain. For a long time, my wrists felt so weak and painful, I couldn’t type more than a sentence. I couldn’t even pick up a can of food or pick up a frying pan. Now I can type many paragraphs, handle food cans, and use frying pans. My wrists feel stronger, and they have no pain.

“FEMALE PROBLEMS: For years, if there was any pressure applied to my pelvic area, the pain was pretty intense. Now there is no pain at all! The relief is so wonderful.

“LYME: This would probably be especially understood by other Lyme sufferers – after the last session 2 weeks ago, the oppressive brain fog has been lifted, for varying lengths of time. That precious change has allowed me to make some important decisions that have been on hold for a long time. I have the energy to accomplish tasks, although small, that I’ve not been able to accomplish for the past several years. I can now make my own meals! How special that is!

“I couldn’t shower for months at a time. In the past 2 weeks, even though I’ve been very sick with the flu, I’ve showered twice! I used to just walk on the laundry. There were 3 piles that didn’t grow or diminish, because I wore the same clothes for weeks. I’ve done all my laundry, and have been changing into fresh clothes. And I haven’t been using an automatic clothes dryer, I’ve been hanging up my laundry to dry.

“I didn’t use to brush my hair for months. I’m brushing it now. I’m even doing cooking. I have more mental stamina and can handle more social situations, like a phone call. Normally, I have not been able to make phone calls. The therapy has made it possible for me to even send this email. I’m doing all of this even while sick with the flu! I hope to continue these bioenergy sessions and possibly regain more of my independence.”

UPDATE: (05 August 11) “For the past few years she had been wanting a certain medical procedure done. When her doctor knew of my daughter’s constant abdominal pain and found so many ovarian cysts, the doctor felt the procedure was too risky. After a few sessions of Rick’s use of the DM protocol for female problems, the abdominal pain was totally gone for the first time in many years. She returned to her doctor and again requested the desired medical procedure. Her doctor determined that all the cysts were gone, and the procedure was done!”

My heartfelt “thank you” to my client for sharing her experiences, and to her mother for the update. Blessings to all.


I got a phone call a couple days ago that I wasn’t expecting. It was from a client I worked on the first week of April who had been diagnosed with Lupus. Her lab work from 16 April showed that she no longer has Lupus! She said she wished I could have been there to see the look on her doctor’s face when he saw the results.

Based on my experiences with my Hep-C client since December ’09, and the fact that she continues to improve (albeit slowly), and my AIDS client who continued to improve after 2 sessions, both my client and I were surprised that her Lupus “went away” after only one 4-day session!

Bioenergy Therapy ROCKS!!


A 5 year old boy in New Jersey had just started going to school. For some unknown reason, he was stuttering. His mother said that his kindergarten classmates were asking him, “Why do you talk like that?” She e-mailed me and asked if I could help. I told her that, although I could not guarantee any results, I’d be happy to try. I added that, because I offer this modality “for donations only”, if her son didn’t show any improvement by the 4th day of his 4-day session, she would not have to make a donation.

His stuttering gradually subsided after each session, and was COMPLETELY GONE by the 4th day! I LOVE this modality!


A man contacted me about the intense itching on his face. He had recently returned from Belize where he spent some time in the jungle just before coming home. The rash appeared a couple days AFTER his return. Topical application of ointments and benadryl were ineffective. He said it got so bad at times that he wanted to scratch his face off! It was so intense that he would go to his local hospital where they’d give him morphine to relieve the pain! A mutual friend in Pensacola told him about me, and the results I was posting on my website using the Domancic Method.

He was in Pensacola, so his 4-day therapy would be a “distant” therapy. When he called for his 2nd day’s session, he said, “Rick, I expected ‘some’ relief from my pain with this method, but I NEVER expected that after only ONE SESSION, my pain has been reduced by 95%!”

He continued to improve, the rash was eliminated, as was his need for ointments and pain medication.


His stress, depression and nightmares had reached the point to where he was seriously considering suicide. His girlfriend and former DM client of mine told him to “Call Rick.”

In his voicemail message from Virginia Beach, VA., he briefly explained his situation. I returned his call to learn more. He sent me a recent photo of himself, smiling and without sunglasses. I pull up that photo on my monitor, which helps me to establish a stronger connection to him during his sessions. I explained that I offer these sessions for donations only, and that I ask people to wait until AFTER their 4 session to submit their donation. If they don’t experience any relief after all 4 sessions, they don’t need to donate anything! If they DO experience some relief, they submit their donation based upon how much better they feel. Pretty simple.

When he called for his 2nd day’s appointment, he told me that the only change he noticed within the last 24 hours was that he slept better the night after his 1st session. I explained that “The more relaxed you are, the deeper the healing occurs. It’s all good!”

When he called in for his 3rd day’s appointment, I could literally FEEL his excitement! He told me that he felt SO MUCH BETTER after his 2nd appointment, he took his girlfriend out for dinner, then to a local bar to listen to one of their favorite local bands! They were having such a good time that they didn’t get home until after 2 am.

He added that he felt SO MUCH better that he already submitted his donation via PayPal! And, yes, his depression and nightmares have totally ceased, and he continues to sleep through the night.

It’s results like this that inspire me to continue offering this therapy to clients all over the world.


A lady who lives here in Tallahassee texted me to let me know her MD told her she had an enlarged liver. This lady is a single mother with 4 small children, the oldest of which is 8 years old.

I did a “distant therapy” with her while applying the Liver protocol. After only one 4-day session, her liver has returned to normal.

Unsolicited Testimonials

One of my local clients recently e-mailed me a couple of very nice testimonials which I will share with you. I’ve been working with this couple for a couple of years using Quantum-Touch® on one person and the Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy on the other [DM=Domancic Method]:

DM stopped the abdominal pain.
My spouse was hospitalized twice, in two different hospitals for 5 days each, in October of 2008 for several complaints, one being severe daily pain in the upper abdomen. No cause was found for the pain. They were unable to help.
In March of 2009, Rick used the DM protocol for stomach problems on her. After the second day of the protocol, the pain was gone and hasn’t returned as of now, September 5, 2010.

“DM improves quality of life.
My spouse has had Lyme Disease for 9 years. It is in her central nervous system. Six months of antibiotic therapy didn’t help, and had bad side effects. Herbal therapy had the same effect. Frequency work made a great difference, but she often suffered setbacks from health issues that developed.
After her last serious setback, she was mostly inactive, had extreme fatigue, and sometimes bouts of pain. She rarely showered or dressed due to lack of energy, and mostly lived at her computer.
Rick has been using the DM protocols for MS and Lyme on her, often doing it from his home while she is at her home. The “distance” work has been as powerful as the in-person work. She now showers at least weekly, sometimes 2 or 3 times a week. She is dressed early in the morning and stays that way until bed. She bought an electric tricycle and “walks” her dog twice a day, sometimes even doing a little pedaling on it. Sometimes she can go shopping if there is an electric cart in the store for her to use. She’s gone out to eat a few times. A couple of times she’s been able to fix a simple meal, and gone into the backyard to play with her dog for a few minutes. She can do more, like clean up the kitchen (which she always does no matter what), without suffering terrible back pain. That back pain also plagued her when she did her nightly dental routine before going to bed. It doesn’t now. She used to get so drained getting ready for bed that sometimes she couldn’t finish, and I had to finish it for her. It’s not a problem now.
She has loved the amount of recovery she’s experienced. When she was living at her computer because that was about all she could do, she felt like she was slowly dying. Now she feels like she’s part of life again.”

NOTE: I fully understand, appreciate, and am grateful that “I” am not the healer. As I learned in Quantum-Touch®, the person (or animal) who is sick or injured and gets well is the healer. Following the Domancic Method protocols simply creates the optimal environment for the client’s body to heal itself. For more information about this method, please visit

A 26 minute documentary was released in January, 2010. It chronicles a 4-day healing event held by The Bioenergy Life Project in Marina del Rey, California in July, ’09. Most of the clients came with Parkinson’s disease, one man showed up with Guillain-Barre syndrome, and one lady came with Lyme disease. The documentary includes comments from the clients treated and the international array of therapists.


Would you like to see YOUR story on this page? Or someone you love? Please call or text me at 850-544-5994 to schedule an appointment. NOTE: I do not answer calls from numbers not in my contact list, so PLEASE leave a voicemail message and I will return your call. You do not need to have deep pockets to pay for these sessions, and you do not need any type of insurance. In fact, I do not accept insurance because I strongly believe that people not directly involved with patient care should NOT be allowed to dictate who you should see and/or what type of therapy YOU need. Those decisions are personal and should be left up to the person seeking treatment. Whether you are right here in Tallahassee, in Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, the U.K., Ireland, basically anywhere at all on the planet or on the International Space Station, this healing energy will reach you.

Bioenergy Therapy Lectures and Demonstrations

There are no Bioenergy Therapy Lectures or Demonstrations scheduled at this time.


There are no healing events scheduled at this time. These events are open to anyone of any age with any diagnosed disease (or the announced disease for the event). These events are being offered for donations only (not free!). These events will be held at my home in Tallahassee. Please call or e-mail me for directions.

Important note: This therapy is even more powerful in a group setting. While simply sitting in the room you will benefit from the person receiving therapy, and the person receiving therapy will benefit from the energy of the people in the room. To receive the optimal results you are asked to stay for the entire 2 hours.

Seating is limited to 5 people per session, so please register early.


Bioenergy therapy is not medicine, as we know it, and is not intended to replace medical services offered by trained physicians. Always consult with your doctor about any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention, and before adjusting any medication or course  of treatment.


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