I’m an Author?

In May, 2020, I decided to take a trip to Mexico and stay for 6 months. Hurricane Michael came ashore not far west of me the previous October. Feeling it was a bit too close for comfort, I seriously thought, “Maybe it’s time for me to move out of Tallahassee.” Before I left, I spoke with Kelly Powers, a local psychic friend of mine, and mentioned that I had no idea what I was going to do in Mexico. He suggested, “You can write.” I responded, “I’m not a writer!” He asked, “What makes you think that?”

I packed up my car, drove for 4 days and subleased a 2 bedroom apartment in the small town of San Antonio, located on the east end of Lake Chapala. I enjoyed dining at a few of the local restaurants, conversing with the owners, their employees and the 4 year old daughter of one owner. *A special shout out to Nora and her daughter, Anandi.* There were plenty of other “gringos” in nearby Ajijic, but nobody was contacting me for a massage OR requesting any of the energy-based healing modalities I offer. As a result of the inactivity, it took only about 2 months for me to get bored. I laid in bed one lazy morning and literally asked myself, out loud, “What am I doing here?”

That’s when I remembered Kelly’s suggestion. I thought, “Well, if I’m going to write something, I need to write about something with which I’m familiar.” Thus began the inception of “Journey to the Center of My Heart: One Man’s Path to Inner Peace” by Rikiji. My pen name is a combination of my full first name, “Ricky”, and my last initial, “G”.

The intention for writing my book came from knowing that so many people are looking for peace, but are either about to, or already have, given up. I was doing the same in my early 20s when I had an epiphany while stationed as an Air Force Medical Service Specialist at the Da Nang Air Base in Vietnam. The message I received was one of the secrets of life. That message came from deep within me. It redirected my perspective from looking OUTSIDE myself for peace to looking within myself. It was as if Peace was looking for me!

After all the revisions and editing, figuring out the layout and choosing a cover photo, all with the help of Word-2-Kindle, the final draft was completed in September, 2020. With only 96 pages, it’s an easy read. My sister read it in one night! I sent a rough draft to Kelly who described it as a “narrative autobiography,” a term I’d never heard before because, well, I’ve never written anything like that before. Kelly told me that he read it 3 times!

I share not only how my quest was successfully accomplished, but also specific information which directs you to the opportunity which continues to be offered to the public free of charge! Simply following that opportunity with an open mind and the heart of a child, your search can end with the satisfaction of KNOWING, not simply “believing”, that you’ve learned a practical solution to HOW to connect with the peace that resides within you, with every breath.

My book is available on Amazon in both Kindle format and paperback. Thank you for your support.



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