Quantum-Touch® and Quantum-Touch Level 2 Healing Stories

UPDATE 14 November 2016: In June, 2016, I purchased and read Richard Gordon’s book, “Quantum-Touch 2.0 – The New Human: Discovering and Becoming”, then completed a QT2 Workshop during the last weekend in October, 2016. I have begun to add healing stories as a direct result of personally practicing the QT2 techniques. The information and stories directly below this recently added paragraph reflect the remarkable results of the Basic Quantum-Touch. Scroll down towards the lower part of this page to read the even more rewarding benefits of Quantum-Touch Level 2.

There are plenty of websites promoting different healing modalities, all of which have incredible, sometimes almost unbelievable, testimonials. Not knowing the history/background/credibility of any of those people testifying to the effectiveness of those modalities, there is no way to know if what they say is true, or if their stories have been embellished simply to promote the technique.

This page was created to share some of my own incredible, sometimes almost unbelievable, results I have personally seen using Quantum-Touch. Please know that I understand I am not the healer. Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch, says, “…anyone who claims to be able to heal others is either ignorant, mistaken, arrogant, or delusional.” Quantum-Touch simply helps to establish an accelerated-healing environment for the body to heal itself.

As you read these case histories, keep in mind that YOU can LEARN to do this, and more, for YOUR family, YOUR children, YOUR friends, YOUR pets, YOUR plants, and YOURSELF!

Perceiving Colors
One of my massage clients came to see me to relieve her shoulder pain. After her 1-hour massage, I asked if she would like to experience a 5-minute demo of a new technique I was learning. She agreed. (NOTE: She was only the 2nd person on whom I had ever practiced Quantum-Touch).As soon as I sandwiched her left shoulder between my hands, she immediately said, “I’m seeing lots of purple, fading into green, then back to purple, then back to green.”

I thought to myself, “Now here’s someone who can perceive healing colors while I’m working on her. I decided to test the validity of one of the intermediate techniques called “Vortexing”. I spun the energy through my body on the inhalation and, as I was exhaling, I added the “What you love most” technique (highly technical term, I know).

Without saying a word, I imagined my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter between my hands and vortexed the energy. While I was exhaling on that very first breath, the woman exclaimed, “WOW! EVERYTHING JUST BECAME SOLID WHITE!!” I asked, “Just now!?” (I was just as surprised as she was). When she answered, “Yes”, a feeling of deep satisfaction came over me, confirming that I was evolving even further along my path of helping others to be free from pain and/or discomfort.

The colors she was seeing seemed to be significant only because they changed so dramatically at the PRECISE moment I changed my focus and intention. That’s when I began to realize that this stuff really works.

Varicose “Tube”
For the first 10-minutes of our first 15-minute practice session at one of my video workshops, a 73 year old man (student) had me work on the “ringing in his ears”. Then he asked if I thought QT “could do anything for this….” He pulled up his left pant leg to reveal what I literally thought was a 1-inch diameter tube sewn to his skin. The tube began about 3 inches above the right side of his left knee, then continued down along the inside of his leg to about 3 inches below his calf muscle.When he said it was a varicose vein, I was amazed. I never knew that a vein could get that big (and still function!) OUTSIDE a person’s body.

I began to sandwich his leg with one hand over the vein and the other on the other side of his knee. I quickly realized that this vein was large enough to sandwich directly. I spent the last 5 minutes of the practice session working my way down that “tube”.

When it came time to practice a group session, I worked on the man’s ears again while 2 different students worked on his vein at the same time. I wanted them to see what they could accomplish with Quantum-Touch.

When we returned to the workshop the next morning, we asked the man if he had noticed any difference in his vein. He said he forgot about it until we mentioned it, then added that was a good sign because his leg usually hurts in the morning, but he just realized that he was not in pain.

He lifted his pant leg for us to see. The improvement was dramatic. The diameter along the entire length of the vein had shrunk to at least HALF the size it was the day before. We continued working on it during the remaining practice sessions, and at the end of the workshop we asked to see his leg. The vein was now about the size of a ballpoint pen refill.

This workshop inspired one participant to write, “In the 3 years I’ve been practicing Reiki, I’ve never seen such immediate results as I have this weekend.”

Every Cell Vibrates
While visiting a friend, one of her friends was complaining of low back pain. I offered a 30-minute Quantum-Touch session to “Trent”. Again, he was among the first people to receive a Quantum-Touch session from me.After balancing his pelvis and occipital ridge, I had him sit on the ottoman while I sat in the chair behind him. I tripoded my fingers and began running energy into his cervical spine, then slowly inched my way down his back, running energy into each vertebra. When I reached the area between his shoulder blades, I asked him to give me some feedback. He said, “It feels like there’s a ball of energy directly under your fingertips, and everywhere above that feels totally aligned and completely balanced.” That was encouraging. I continued offering energy all the way down to, and including, his sacrum.

When I finished, Trent stood up, stretched and twisted around a bit, then exclaimed, “This is amazing! Not only is my low back pain gone, I feel like every cell in my body is vibrating!” He then walked over to look at himself in the mirror (his shirt was off). He then exclaimed, “Omigod, my sternum is FLAT!” I calmly responded, “Yeah, it’s supposed to be.” He explained, “No, you don’t understand. My sternum has always protruded at least 1/4 to 1/2 an inch from my chest. But now it’s completely flat!”

I put 2 and 2 together and realized that, although my focus was on his spine, ribs attach to the vertebrae. As his spine was realigning itself, his ribs naturally went along for the ride, correcting the structural imbalance he was so accustomed to seeing in his sternum.

An hour later, Trent stated that he could STILL feel every cell in his body vibrating. It was then that I had an “AHA” moment: Although I was offering energy to Trent’s spine, I realized that, because the energy was doing the healing, it wasn’t going to simply stop at his vertebrae. The healing energy continued THROUGH his bones and into his spinal column, which houses the Central Nervous System.

Offering energy to the spine can benefit every cell in the body.

Deep Vein Thrombosis
An 81 year old man was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (blood clot) in his left leg. His M.D. wanted to admit him to the hospital to be treated there, but the man stated he could not go to the hospital because he had to take care of his mother(!) His doctor gave him my card and said, “Give this guy a call and see if he can help you.”It was a Wednesday afternoon when I got to the man’s house. He was laid back in his recliner with both legs elevated, watching the “Speed” channel. His left leg was swollen from his knee to his ankle. I had him stand up, then balanced his pelvis and occipital ridge, then asked him to sit in a chair with his left foot on another chair in front of him. I sat next to his left leg and began doing Quantum-Touch for a full hour, inching my way from his thigh all the way down to his toes.

When I finished, he stood up and said, “Well, it feels “different.” Although not quite the results I was hoping for, “different” was an indication that his body was responding to the energetic changes initiated by the Quantum-Touch. I explained that it takes energy 24-hours to make a complete cycle through the body and that, even though the hands-on part of the session was finished, he might notice an even bigger difference within the next day or two.

His doctor called me with this follow-up: He called the doctor the next morning and said, “I don’t know what that guy did to me yesterday, but the swelling in my leg has gone, it doesn’t hurt as much, but my ankle is still swollen.” The doctor was so pleased with those results that he phoned his patient the NEXT morning (Friday) at his home and asked how he was doing. The man replied, “Well, the swelling in my ankle is gone, and my leg doesn’t hurt AT ALL! I’m feeling so good, I’m thinking about going out to the Red Hill’s Horse Trials this afternoon.”

His M.D. scheduled an appointment for me to work on him the following Friday afternoon. As I sat in his waiting room, the 81 year old man walked in. The doctor took BOTH of us to the same exam room, then asked to see the man’s left leg. It was his first visit since his QT session. When the doctor measured the circumference of both calves, they were exactly 14 1/4 inches. The 1-hour Quantum-Touch session provided lasting relief from his deep vein thrombosis.

“Forgotten” Incident was Source of Pain
It was during one of my free 15-20 minute demos at our local food co-op (New Leaf Market) when a woman came to me with upper back/neck pain, plus chronic left forearm pain that she’s had for years. After balancing her pelvis and occipital ridge, and working on her cervical spine and upper back, I focused on her forearm for the last 5 minutes.After the session she stated that, while working on her forearm, an incident surfaced in her mind that she recognized as the probable source of that pain. This incident occured several years ago. She thought she had already dealt with it and had forgotten about it. She not only felt less pain, she was happy to have that unpleasant emotion surface.

She lives at least 40 miles away, so I was surprised (and humbled) to see her waiting for me the following Monday. She told me that she made the trip specifically to receive another QT session.

I worked on the same areas as the previous week. Her feedback was that she was amazed! She said the healing on her forearm “picked up EXACTLY where it had left off last week.” This time, with eyes closed, she clearly saw the person who caused the injury. Then she described looking into the open end of an hour glass, laid out horizontally at eye level. She saw the person slowly walk away from her, towards the narrow opening in the middle. Then, after disappearing through the center, the hole was sealed with red paint. She interpreted that as a sign that the incident was now in her past, and that she could totally release all memories of it. Her forearm pain was gone.

I love Quantum-Touch. I didn’t have to ask her anything about the person or the incident. I didn’t have to make her share her story with me, or drag her through the emotional trauma associated with her pain. Nor did she have to re-live any of those unpleasant moments.

Without shedding a tear, her body’s own intelligence KNEW what needed to be done to release that pain. It was tailor-made for HER understanding. No history taken, no objective observations, no analyzing what MIGHT be causing her pain, and no plan other than offer the Universal Life Force Energy with love to her forearm.

Every day, I thank all the powers of the universe for allowing me to work with them and watch their magic unfold.

Unexpected Bonus from Free Demo
During another free demo at our food co-op, a 16-year old girl sat in the deli and watched as I did a 15-minute session. She asked if what I was doing could relieve stress. I said, ‘Yes, absolutely.”Just before I began her session, her mother joined us in the deli. I showed the mother that her daughter’s pelvis was higher on the right, then “ran energy” into her pelvis. After a couple minutes, I showed her mother the noticeable improvement in her daughter’s pelvis, although it was not yet completely balanced.

An inner voice told me to spend a couple more minutes on her pelvis. Within 2 or 3 breaths of the second round, I could literally FEEL both sides of her pelvis melting back into alignment! It was a subtle, yet HUGE release. When I checked her alignment after a few more breaths, both sides of her pelvis were totally even. Her mom thought that was cool.

After another 10 minutes working on her daughter’s scalp, cervical spine, shoulders, and upper back, the girl stood up. I asked if she felt any more relaxed. She did. Even her mother commented, “I can tell by her voice that she’s not as tense.” The girl then walked around the deli for a minute or so while I talked to her mom. Her daughter interrupted us when she exclaimed, “Mom, my knee doesn’t hurt anymore! Remember I said my knee was hurting and that’s why I was walking with a limp? Well, now my knee doesn’t hurt and I’m not limping!”

Her mom watched her walk around the deli for a few seconds, and then exclaimed, “Omigod, her FEET are almost straight!” Not knowing what she meant, I asked for an explanation. She said that for YEARS, her daughter walked with her feet externally rotated (toes pointing outwards – like Charlie Chaplin). But now, her feet were NOTICEABLY straighter!

Apparently, that huge release in the girl’s abdomen relaxed not only her pelvis and left knee, but also brought both legs into a more “normal” structural alignment, correcting a postural imbalance she’d lived with for years.

The genuine smile and heartfelt “thank you” I got from her mom was much appreciated.

Interesting Client Comments
It was the 2nd day of a 2-day video workshop. During one of the 15-minute practice sessions, I worked on a lady who had some pain in her right shoulder. I “sandwiched” her shoulder between my hands and started doing the Quantum-Touch breathing and body awareness.After 15 minutes, I asked if her shoulder felt any different. She said, “YES! I feel like my shoulder is totally porous – like it’s not even there!” At that point, her husband added, “That’s what I was trying to tell you yesterday. After he worked on my head, it felt like my entire skull was open and I was connected to everything!”

While doing QT in my living room on a lady this afternoon for emotional issues, my patio door was open at the back of the room, and the front door was also open. A gentle breeze was wafting through the room. At one point, the lady calmly stated, “This is cool. I can feel the breeze blowing by me, but I’m not aware of my body. I feel like I AM the breeze.”

After nearly 2 years of practicing Quantum-Touch, I’m still amazed at the variety of experiences that people have both during and after their sessions.

Remarkable Insight
A woman came to me stating that she needed some understanding as to why her 8-month old granddaughter died.Not wanting to drag her through all the emotions associated with the recent event, I did not ask her for details. I simply asked, “When these emotions come up, in what part of your body do you feel them?” (ie, “Where does it hurt?” technique). She said she never thought of that before, then realized the emotional pain was in her upper abdomen, specifically her diaphragm, because she had a hard time breathing whenever she’d remember the incident.

I asked how she would describe the emotion. She said, “Confusion”. Then I asked what the opposite of that would be for her. She answered, “Clarity, understanding”.

I supercharged both of us, placed the U-NAN pattern in her upper abdomen, and surrounded it with a bubble and the appropriate colors (as taught in the Supercharging Workshop). I sandwiched the area front and back, and offered clarity and understanding for 20 minutes. Until then, it was the longest time I’ve ever left my hands in one position without moving them.

When I stopped to move my hands to another location, she got real excited and asked, “Are you done?” The look on her face and the gleam in her eyes told me she was already feeling better, but I felt there was more I needed to do. I continued working with her heart chakra, her throat chakra, the suture lines in her skull, then all the way down her back with open hands on each side of her spine.

When I was finished, I asked if she got anything from the session. She answered with a resounding, “YES!” When I asked if she’d like to share what she learned, she stated that she realized that Rose (not the baby’s real name) came into this world to strengthen the relationship between her (the
grandmother) and her daughter. She explained that Rose had definitely accomplished that, and that if Rose had stayed in her body any longer, she would not have been a happy baby, nor would she be a happy person because Rose’s mission on Earth was complete.

Grandma walked out of the office with her head held high, and a deep sense of gratitude for having known that baby.

Suicidal to Laughing in 30-minutes
A woman not from around here was extremely distraught and, in fact, suicidal when she came to see me at 10 o’clock one night. This was to be my first “crisis intervention” QT session.When I asked, “What’s going on?”, she immediately began crying uncontrollably. The parent in me automatically embraced her with a therapeutic hug, while running energy through my entire body into hers. Not wanting her to think I was being inappropriate, I assured her that I was running energy into her. She said she could feel it.

She calmed down after a couple minutes and was able to tell me that her husband passed away less than a year ago, and the memory of the love lost had become so overwhelming that she wanted to be with her deceased husband.

I instinctively sandwiched her heart chakra, and amp’d her up using the emotional techniques taught in the Supercharging Workshop. After about 15 minutes, I remembered the “Where does it hurt” technique. I asked her where the emotions felt the strongest (“abdomen, specifically the ovaries and uterus”), how she would describe those emotions (“down”), and what the opposite of that would be (“full”). I moved my hands to that area and offered “fullness” for another 15 minutes.

It was during that time that she started laughing. I asked what she was laughing about. She said, “You might think I’m schizophrenic.” I assured her that I wouldn’t think that at all. She then said that her husband appeared before her and told her he would wait for her, and that he promised to be patient. That was significant, she said, because her husband was NOT known for his patience.

Within 30 minutes after I began working with her, she had gone from crying uncontrollably to laughing. My 11 years as a paramedic taught me how to remain detached from other people’s emotions, but not insensitive. And, as I maintained a high field of resonance through Quantum-Touch, her body naturally entrained to that higher vibration. She ascended to a noticeably more balanced emotional state, where her dead husband himself could communicate with her, and give her the courage to remain on this planet. Before she left, she actually said, “I love Quantum-Touch!”

When the door closed behind her, I closed my eyes and thanked God for blessing me with such a gift.

2 More Unexpected Benefits: Aligned Jaw + 30-year Back Pain Eliminated Within 5 Minutes
While working on her upper back, a dear friend of mine (an animal communicator and Lightworker), started clanging her teeth together. Just as I was about to ask why, she asked, “Are you wondering why I’m banging my teeth together?” When I said, “Yes,” she explained that before I got to her house, she noticed that her bite was out of alignment. She planned to call her dentist after my visit because she (the dentist) always puts it back into alignment. But, within 20 minutes of her QT session, her jaw had aligned itself! Although I never touched her jaw, Quantum-Touch allowed her innate body intelligence to self-correct her misalignment.
During my first QT lecture/demo in the New Leaf Market deli, I asked for a volunteer who thought their hips might be out of alignment. When a gentleman came up, I measured his pelvis and showed everyone that his left hip was noticeably (at least 2 inches) higher than the right. As he stood there, I gently placed one hand on each hip and began the Quantum-Touch breathing and body awareness. Within the first couple breaths, the man said he felt a lot of heat and tingling going down his left leg all the way to his toes. I explained that those sensations were his body reacting to the energetic changes.

I continued offering QT to his pelvis when, after only a couple more breaths and from out of nowhere, I heard a very loud “POP” from somewhere along his spine. He calmly turned his head and said, “Something just popped in my back.” I calmly responded, “I heard it. In fact, I think people may have heard it out in the parking lot!” I checked his pelvis again, then showed everyone that both my hands were now completely level.

The lecture continued for another 45 minutes, then everyone left except the man and his wife. He came up to me and said, “I’m an offshore fisherman and I’ve had chronic back pain since the ’70’s. I’ve noticed that I haven’t had any back pain the whole time we’ve been sitting here.” I told him that was wonderful news, then added, “…but I wish you would’ve said something before everyone left!” Balancing someone’s pelvis within a couple minutes is one thing, but relieving someone’s 30-year back pain within a couple minutes is remarkable!

I went to New Leaf Market a couple weeks later and saw the man and his wife eating lunch in the deli. He waived me over to their table and said, “My back STILL hasn’t hurt since you worked on me.” He admitted that he was skeptical before he volunteered, but not “closed”. Now he knows the possibilities of Quantum-Touch.

Horse Becomes More Frisky After Session
I’d never worked on a horse before, so I looked forward to doing a session on a horse who had been tripping while walking. The owner taught me how to approach a horse to establish a rapport, and let it know that I pose no threat.After his owner got “Blue” from the pasture, the 3 of us stood under a large shade tree while she held his bridle. I began working on the Blue’s upper back between his shoulders because I was not yet comfortable going straight for his affected front leg. I moved down to his shoulder after a couple minutes. The owner said, “Rick, look at how relaxed he is. I’ve had him for 4 years and I’ve never seen him this relaxed.”

I leaned over to see that she had her thumb hooked in his lower lip. The weight of her relaxed arm was pulling it down. She explained, “I couldn’t do this if he wasn’t relaxed.” I continued working down his affected leg, then continued working along his spine.

When I got to the middle of his back, Blue took a couple steps forward. My hands, however, remained stationary, so that they were now closer to his pelvis. His owner went, “Tch, tch” and tried to get him to hold still. I suggested that maybe he was moving forward simply because he wanted my hands closer to his pelvis, much like many people who ask me to move my hands closer to the exact location of their pain. The owner then remembered that, actually, he had a history of some pain exactly where my hands were. Blue KNEW where he needed relief, so he took a couple steps forward to position that area directly under my hands. It was so cool!

After the session, she returned him to the pasture. As soon as she removed his bridle, Blue trotted back to where he was before the session, with no sign of any limp. She exclaimed, “He’s NEVER done that before! He ALWAYS waits until I close the gate before he WALKS away.” Blue was obviously feeling better.

Another Skeptic Heals Her Arthritic Neck
Two psychologists, one from Orlando and one from Tampa, asked me to offer massage and/or energy work to 8 of their female patients at one of their retreats. They invited me because, they said, they needed “a non-threatening male” on their staff.I was explaining Quantum-Touch to them at a staff meeting on the beach the night before the patients were to arrive when one of the Dr.s, unimpressed with my stories, rolled her eyes, looked away, and asked, “Does this stuff work on arthritic necks?” I said, “Let’s find out.”

I placed my hands on each side of her neck and began to run the energy. After only 2 or 3 focused breaths, she said, “Oh, great! Now I have a headache, and I NEVER get headaches.” Remembering the “chase the pain” technique, I sandwiched her head, front to back, and continued to run the energy. Again, within 2 or 3 breaths, she said, “Okay, now my headache’s gone…(pauses as she turns her head side to side), my neck doesn’t hurt…(pauses as she rolls both shoulders), and my shoulders are really loose. I can’t BELIEVE how relaxed my shoulders are!”

She told me the following evening, “Rick, look at this…(she turns her head side to side), I can still turn my head without any pain, and I haven’t needed to take an Advil all day!” The next evening, two days after her 3-minute session, she told me, “Rick, I still haven’t had any pain since you worked on me, and I haven’t needed to take an Advil. I was skeptical when you first told me about this. I’d like for you to come to Orlando and teach a workshop.”

So, based on the relief of her arthritic neck pain, she went from being skeptical to buying a manual and inviting me to Orlando to teach a workshop!

My First “Distant” Healing
It was Sunday evening, the last day of the retreat in the above story. “Jan”, one of the staff members, showed me her very swollen and painful knee, and asked if I could work on it. She said it had gotten progressively worse each day of the retreat, and was unable to walk on it without limping. I explained that I had 3 patients who signed up for massage and Quantum-Touch, but I’d be happy to work on her if she was still there when I finished. I added that, if she had to leave before I finished, I’d do a distant healing session on her knee before I went to bed.Jan had gone back to Tampa before I finished. I went to bed around midnight, VERY tired, drained, and exhausted from a very long and busy day. I was all cozy in bed, curled up on my side, covers pulled up to my neck, closed my eyes, and was totally ready to fall asleep when I remembered my promise to Jan. I FORCED myself to sit up, leaned my back against the wall, got comfortable, pictured Jan’s swollen knee between my hands (energy follows thought), and began running the energy.

Within a couple minutes, I couldn’t believe the intense heat flowing between my hands (about 8 inches apart). Knowing that this was my first attempt/experiment with distant healing, I thought, “Well, SOMEthing’s happening! I sure hope this energy is going to Jan’s knee.” I continued for a full 30-minutes before I laid back down. I was noticeably more energized, yet somehow more relaxed after that session.

I did not have Jan’s contact information to see how she was doing the next morning, so when she called me for something else a week later, I asked how her knee felt the Monday morning after the retreat. She said the swelling was completely gone, it didn’t hurt at all, and that she was able to walk her dog without limping all week long.

Jan was home in Tampa while I was in a beach house in Treasure Island, just south of St. Petersburg. That’s when I KNEW that the Quantum-Touch distant healing technique works.

Quantum Touch solved my lower back problems (a testimonial)
“For 30 years I had suffered from low back trouble. I couldn’t sit in most chairs, sofas or car seats. I couldn’t allow myself to get into certain positions or do certain activities. My back was too easily injured. It was often in pain, and it was often disabling. I needed frequent chiropractic adjustments, which always helped, but the relief was always temporary.
After 3 sessions of Quantum Touch from Rick, my lower back was finally healthy! I can sit in any chair, sofa, seat, in any position, and do any of the activities that used to aggravate it. I have had no lower back trouble for 2 full years.”
My First QT2.0 Practice Session
After reading Richard Gordon’s “Quantum-Touch 2.0 – The New Human: Discovering and Becoming” in June, 2016, my first practice session was with my 69 year old neighbor. She was experiencing posterior neck pain, radiating down both arms, with limited range of motion in both shoulders. She also had low back pain just above her pelvis which made her walk slightly bent forward from her waist.I had her stand in front of me while I knelt behind her to check her pelvis. Her right hip was noticeably higher than the left. I stood up and examined her occipital ridge. The base of her skull was slightly higher on the left. I then walked around and stood in front of her, and did the QT2 technique while focusing on one of the bones in her skull for 2 minutes without touching her. I rechecked her pelvis and her occipital ridge from behind and was pleased to see that BOTH were now balanced and level!

I asked her to walk around her living room a bit to see if she felt any different. She was walking decidedly more erect, and stated her back pain was gone and her neck felt better! She was obviously pleased.

She then sat in a chair directly in front of me. I asked her to raise her right arm straight out in front of her as high as she could, and to stop when she felt discomfort in her right shoulder. She raised her arm parallel to the floor and stopped. “That’s IT?!?” I asked. “That’s as far as it goes,” she said. I did the QT2 technique while focusing on her right shoulder for 2 minutes, then asked her to raise her right arm again. We were BOTH surprised when her arm went all the way up to the side of her head! The range of motion in her left arm was similarly compromised, and enjoyed the same results after only 2 minutes of QT2 on her left shoulder. I knew right then that I wanted to practice on more people and thought, “If I can follow the instructions from a book and see these kind of results in only a few minutes without touching the client, I look forward to taking the QT2 Workshop as soon as possible.”

Two RNs Visit Me in the Hospital
I was hospitalized for 2 days with abdominal issues treatable with IV fluids and IV antibiotics. I didn’t feel sick at all and was ambulatory with no pain. One of my RN friends came to visit during my 2nd day, along with her RN friend (a pediatric nurse). I was relaxing in the recliner next to my bed with my feet propped up, reviewing my QT2.0 book, so my friend, “Ruby”, sat on the edge of the bed. Her friend sat in the chair in a corner of the room. I noticed that Ruby’s head was noticeably tilted towards her right shoulder. She told me that her cervical vertebrae were surgically fused together following an auto accident, and that she was in pain and depressed. Her doctor suggested she attend a special program at Emory University for people who are depressed due to chronic pain. I told her about aligning bones and relieving pain with QT2, showed her the book, and asked if I could demonstrate what I learned. She agreed.Keeping her friend in mind, I had Ruby stand with her back towards her friend so she could see what I was seeing. As with my neighbor, I knelt down and gently placed one hand on each hip (left hand/left hip, right hand/right hip) and asked her friend what she saw. “Your right hand is higher than the left.” I said, “That’s what I see.” I stood up and checked Ruby’s occipital ridge. “What do you see now?” I asked. “Your right thumb is higher than the left.” I agreed. I walked around and stood in front of Ruby and did the QT2 technique while focusing on one of the bones in her skull for 2 minutes without touching her. I walked around behind her, knelt down and placed my hands on her hips as before. I asked her friend, “What do you see now?” “Your right hand is still higher, but not as high as before.” I agreed. I checked Ruby’s occipital ridge and asked, “What do you see know?” “Your thumbs are level.” “Good,” I said, “That what I see.”

I stood in front of Ruby and said, “Your hips are almost balanced. Maybe they will be totally balanced after another 2 minutes. Would you like me to try?” She agreed. Sure enough, 2 minutes later her hips were totally balanced. I asked her to walk over to the door and back to see if she noticed any difference in her gait. As she walked back from the door, she said, “Rick, I’m not being pulled to the right like I was, my hips feel like they’re not twisted and my weight is evenly distributed over both legs!” I said, “That’s GREAT, Ruby! This is pretty cool, isn’t it?” She said, “Yes, but now my low back is hurting.”

She showed me where it hurt. I told her I could work on that from behind her. I positioned the 2 of us so that her friend could clearly see between Ruby’s back and my body. I did the QT2 technique while focusing on Ruby’s lumbar area for 2 minutes, then asked how she felt. “The pain is GONE!” I said, “This stuff blows me away.”

That’s when her friend said, “I’ve just seen something that I’ve never seen before in my entire life.” I thought she was talking about aligning bones and relieving pain without touching, but I asked her, “What did you see?” She said, “I could SEE the energy flowing from you and going into her shirt. It was like watching waves on the beach!” I said, “That’s AWESOME! I’ve never seen that, either! I just do the techniques and let whatever happen, happen. It’s nice to get some validation from someone else that something really IS flowing from me into my clients.” Of course, I knew that the energy didn’t stop at Ruby’s shirt, but that’s what her friend saw.

Ruby sat on the edge of the bed again. I told her that the QT2 book contains a section for working on brain-related conditions, including depression, and asked if I could do another 2 minutes on her brain. She agreed. I focused on her brain while doing the QT2 technique for 2 minutes, then asked her to walk to the door and back to see if she noticed any difference. As she was walking towards the door, she said, “Rick, while you were working on me, I could feel sparkles of light drifting up through my head and floating away. I feel so much lighter!” She kept exclaiming, “I feel so much lighter!” at least 3 more times before sitting down again. That’s when her friend said, “I could see the energy again, going from you into her head!”

I told Ruby, “And you thought you were coming to visit me to help ME feel better, but YOU became the one who feels better which also makes ME feel better! Thank you for letting me practice on you.”

My First “Distant” QT2.0 Healing
One of my QT Video Workshop students from 2005 asked me to do a QT session on her spouse who had been unable to get out of bed for several weeks due to back pain and weakness. I did a 1-hour distant therapy from my living room which involved sending the QT2 energy to her spouse’s brain, each individual vertebrae, each shoulder, each upper arm, each elbow/lower arm, each hand/wrist, pelvis, each upper leg, each knee/lower leg, and each ankle/foot.The following morning the woman called again to say, “I don’t know what you did yesterday, but “Patrick” got up first thing this morning after sleeping though the night for the first time in weeks, and has been out in the yard working non-stop for the last 5 hours!”

I simply practiced what I’d learned from Richard’s book because the QT2 workshop was another 6 weeks away.

“[It’s] all in your head.”
On my way back from the dumpster to my apartment, I noticed another neighbor sitting at her patio table, with her almost 2 year old grandson playing nearby. I pulled up a chair to visit. She asked me how my workshop was. I told her that I learned some things in the workshop that were not in the book, and I also learned that I’d never again drive 1,886 round-trip miles to attend a workshop.She mentioned in previous conversations that her father was a chiropractor, and that she was interested in alternative healing methods. When she mentioned having back pain that increased when she walked, I offered to do a brief demonstration of QT2.0. She accepted. As always, I had her stand up while I measured her hips and occipital ridge. They were out of alignment. I stood in front of her and began sending the energy to the bone in her skull when, within the first 10 seconds of her 2 minute session, her grandson came over and stood in front of her with both arms extended upwards. He wanted her to pick him up. She felt that picking him up and holding him might somehow lessen whatever results the therapy could have, but asking a 20 month old toddler to wait doesn’t always work. That’s when I suggested that I could hold him! I picked him up and resumed the demo but, almost immediately, her grandson leaned over towards his grandmother. It was obvious he wanted his grandma.

When she apologized for the distraction, I recalled reading Richard’s statement that, the more we practiced, we’d get faster results. He added that it’s possible to align bones within seconds! I mentioned this to my neighbor and said, “Well, you DID get about 10 seconds of the therapy. Let me check your hips and the base of your skull again to see if anything changed. I was pleasantly surprised to see that her hips and the base of her skull were level! It was as if what we perceived to be a “distraction and interruption” of her 2 minute session was actually teaching me that it really IS possible to align bones within seconds! I asked her to walk a few yards along the sidewalk and back to see if she noticed any difference in her gait. She said she was no longer being pulled to one side like before, and that her back pain was gone.

Several days later she told me that, since her 10 second session, she’s been able to walk down the hall without bouncing off the walls for support. She added that, normally, she could not walk a straight line from their car to the entrance of their church on Sunday mornings. The Sunday after her session she asked her husband to walk behind her to confirm that she could now walk in a straight line. He told her that she actually WAS walking straight, then said, “Those results are all in your head.” She told me she didn’t care where the results were from, only that she could walk straight again. It wasn’t until the following morning that I realized the results actually WERE “all in her head” because I was doing the QT2.0 technique while focusing on a specific bone in her skull!

Two Women at a Bar-B-Que
I went to a bar-b-que specifically to see one of my former neighbors (I haven’t eaten meat since April, ’72, so I wasn’t there for the food). After bringing me up to date on what was happening in her life, she asked what was new in mine. I told her about QT2.0 and some of the amazing results I was seeing. Another friend of hers was standing next to us and mentioned that she’s had neck pain since giving birth to her son, who is now 17. I offered to do a demonstration on both of them. As I did with my RN friend mentioned above, I had “April” turn her back towards her friend who sat a bench behind us so she could witness the “before and after” results. April’s hips and the base of her skull were out of alignment. She also had neck pain around the area of C-7 and T-1. Two minutes later her hips and occipital ridge were balanced. I asked her to walk a short ways down the sidewalk and back to see if she noticed any difference in how she felt. As she was walking back towards us, she was smiling and said she felt like she was “walking on air.” She added that her neck pain was gone.Her friend’s hips and occipital ridge were also uneven (fairly common in most people). Standing in front of her before I began doing the QT2.0 technique, I asked, “On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being barely noticeable and 10 being severe, at what level is your neck pain?” Her immediate response was a resounding “12!” Two minutes later her hips and the base of her skull were level. I asked, “At what level is your neck pain, now?” She said, “It’s about a 6.” I said, “If we can reduce the pain by half in 2 minutes, perhaps another 2 minutes will eliminate it. Would you like another 2 minutes?” “Yes.” I walked around behind her and did the QT2.0 technique for 2 minutes while focusing directly on the area where she felt the pain. I again asked, “How’s the pain feel now?” She said, “It’s gone! I’ve had this pain for 17 YEARS, but now I don’t feel it at all! Thank you!” Recalling a phrase I learned while working at the Ritz-Carlton Spa in Naples, Florida, I said, “It’s my pleasure.” It truly was, and still is, my pleasure to offer this therapy to others.
He Didn’t Feel Like Himself
A 24 year old friend of mine called one night to say that so many things have been disrupting his life recently that he was having trouble dealing with all of them. I know him to be an easy-going guy, taking things one step at a time and enjoying his life. The biggest issue for him was with his girlfriend. He was becoming overwhelmed with all the turmoil.While listening to him share his situation with me for more than 20 minutes, he summarized his condition as, “I don’t feel like myself.” I sensed that his confusion could be coming from an imbalance between the left and right hemispheres in his brain. I offered to do a 15 minute QT2.0 distant therapy session from my living room. It was already dark, so he did not need to drive across town to see me. I told him to hang up the phone and just chill out for 15 minutes, and that I’d call him back when I was finished.

I then opened the 3D Brain app (to use as a surrogate) on my phone and did QT2.0 on my friend’s entire brain for the first 7-8 minutes. I then scrolled over to the image of the corpus callosum, an area of the brain we practiced on during the QT2 Workshop and which, according to Richard Gordon, “…may help integrate the qualities and abilities of both hemispheres, which can be summarized as logic and intuition.” I focused on my friend’s corpus callosum for the remaining 7-8 minutes, then called him back.

His phone rang for so long that I thought he might have fallen asleep (it was only 7:30 p.m.). When he finally answered he told me that he had gone into his bedroom to meditate during our session. He was now so relaxed that he was almost asleep, so it took him awhile to “come out of it” enough to answer his phone. He apologized for not answering sooner. I told him that, “The more relaxed you are, the deeper the healing occurs. Almost falling asleep in 15 minutes is actually a compliment!” He understood that, because he wasn’t going anywhere to interact with anyone for the rest of the night, he’d let me know the results he received, if any, in a day or two.

Sure enough, when I saw him a couple days later, he greeted me with a friendly hug and a smile. He told me that, before I worked with him, little things that normally would not be a problem would piss him off. Now, since his 15 minute session, he’s noticed that those little things continue to happen, and although he’s still not happy when they do, he no longer has the emotional reaction to them. He added that he has become more understanding with his girlfriend, and better able to communicate with her on a more conscious level.

Aligning bones, relieving pain and easing emotional issues within a few minutes, more or less, is becoming the “norm” for me. No injections needed, no waiting to see if the medications are going to work, no concerns about the possible side-effects of those meds, and no need to even leave your house! I’m going to enjoy offering QT2 to people and their animal friends.

Migraine Headache
Four of my friends and I went out to a Chinese restaurant. A 5th friend said he’d join our group after he got off work. He showed up while the rest of us were waiting for our orders to arrive. He asked, “Does anyone have a Midol? I have a migraine.” We all knew he actually meant to ask for a “Motrin”, but nobody had anything that could help him.So I mentioned that I was practicing an updated version of an energy-based healing modality called Quantum-Touch 2.0, and that I would like to see if it works on migraines. I told him I could work on him from across the table, without putting my hands on his head in front of the other patrons in the restaurant, and that it would take no more than 2 minutes. He agreed.

I moved to the empty seat across the table from him and began to focus on his face and head. He looked at me a couple minutes later and said his migraine was gone! A little more than an hour later, we all went out to the parking lot after dinner to say our goodbyes before getting into our cars. My friend with the migraine came up to me and said, “I don’t know what you did, but my headache hasn’t come back. Thank you.”

My First “Group” Adjustment
My friend and his fiancée invited me to their house to watch the Orange Bowl game with another friend and his girlfriend who were visiting from Los Angeles. During half-time, I told them that Richard Gordon said it was possible to work on more than one person at a time, and asked if they’d be willing to let me try it myself. They agreed.Using one of the 4 people as a model, I demonstrated how to measure the base of someone’s skull and both hips to see if they were level. Everyone then measured their partners and, sure enough, the base of each person’s skull was noticeably higher on one side, and each person’s hips were out of alignment.

I then stood in front of my volunteer and focused my attention on her face while intending that the healing energy balance her occipital ridge and both hips, and that the healing extends to the other 3 people in my peripheral vision. Two minutes later I measured my subject’s skull and hips so the others could see the results. We all agreed that everything was now level. They checked each other and, sure enough, all 3 of their skulls and hips were now aligned.

Atrial Fibrillation
A lady texted me on a Monday evening to tell me that her doctor became SUPER worried and concerned about her when he diagnosed her with atrial fibrillation, also known as “a-fib”. She said she had NEVER seen him that worried before! He told her that she needed to see a cardiologist asap who would perform a cardioversion. Cardioversion is usually done by sending electric shocks to your heart through electrodes placed on your chest to correct the fibrillation (fluttering). Not wanting to take that risk, she asked if maybe I could offer something less invasive. I told her I could do a Quantum-Touch (QT) session for her heart, but I could not guarantee the results.Earlier on Monday afternoon she DID schedule an appointment with a cardiologist for Friday, then scheduled a QT session with me on Tuesday, the day after her text. When she felt noticeably better after her 30 minute QT session, she asked if we could do QT for the next 3 days. I was okay with that because your body can’t “overdose” on QT energy.

Per her request, we continued doing 30 minute sessions for the next 3 days, focusing on her heart, her entire spine (which houses the central nervous system), her entire left side and, during her 4th session, 5 minutes on her brain.

When she returned on Saturday morning (for a different issue), she told me that the cardiologist described her EKG as “pristine”. In other words, her heart showed no indication of a-fib, and that’s no lie. (get it?) She’ll be placed on a heart monitor for a month, but that had to be ordered and should arrive soon.

So, it is truly an absolute pleasure when I hear about such positive results following Quantum-Touch sessions. I’m so happy that my client responded so well to the therapy. SHE is a great healer! I’m more like a “middleman” who helps create the optimal environment for the body to heal itself. I am both humbled and grateful knowing that I have this ability.

The Disclaimer Part
Now, does everyone receive a healing? Of course not. Even Richard Gordon, author of “Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal” and “Quantum-Touch 2.0 – The New Human: Discovering and Becoming”, admits that even after more than 40 YEARS of doing QT, he still has people who don’t notice any difference after a session, and he doesn’t know why. He explains: “Since the true healer is the person receiving the energy, the practitioner is merely acting as the catalyst to allow the healer to heal him- or herself, and to access and utilize a higher vibrational field of energy.” So, I completely understand that just as I cannot take credit for healing someone, I cannot accept the blame for them NOT healing.


What Others Have Said

"With 42 years in the medical profession I can honestly say that Quantum-Touch was, until Nov. '08, the easiest to learn, remarkably effective, and most rewarding healing modality I’ve ever had the absolute pleasure to practice."
Rick Garzaniti, LMT/Nice Guy, Certified QT Practitioner

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