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After learning the basic Quantum-Touch in 2002 and a couple of the advanced techniques available at that time (Core Transformation and Supercharging), I continued to sporadically offer Quantum-Touch sessions for 3 years. Why study for years when, WITH NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE, you can become a phenomenal healer in just ONE (1) weekend! For thousands of dollars less than other training, you can learn to access the power you already have to help heal your children, your family, friends, pets, plants, and yourself. You’ll also learn distant healing with Quantum-Touch. From where you’re sitting right now, you can do a QT healing session on anyone, anytime, and anywhere on this planet.

“Quantum-Touch appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers.” – Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association.

Utilizing Universal Life Force Energy, resonance and entrainment, and the client’s innate body intelligence, ANYONE can learn to rapidly reduce pain and inflammation, accelerate healing of illness, disease and trauma, align bones with a light touch, assist energetically to achieve emotional balance, even facilitate virtually pain-free childbirth.

Healthcare professionals, including MD’s, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nurses, massage therapists, physical therapists, craniosacral, polarity and reiki practitioners, TURBO-CHARGE their practice with these easy to learn techniques. People who practice Yoga are able to go deeper into their postures. You will actually see bones melt back into alignment with only a light touch in the first 3-hour segment of this hands-on, experiential 12-hour workshop.

“I can’t believe we’re all getting these kind of results, and none of us have ever done this before!” U.M. – Tallahassee, FL.
“In the 3 years I’ve been practicing Reiki, I’ve never seen such immediate results as I have in the last 2 days.” M.F. – Tallahassee, FL.
“Good practice sessions – glad there was material not covered in the video workshop.” T.L. – Havana, FL. (referring to the “Live” Basic QT Workshop).

When I was permitted to teach Quantum-Touch, I facilitated many video workshops. During the first 3-hour segment of an Interactive Video Workshop (taught by Richard Gordon, author of “Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal”), a delightful 10 year old girl worked on her father’s low back pain during a 15 minute practice session. After the first 10 minutes, her father stated that his back pain had moved to his right knee. His daughter then practiced QT on his knee for the last 5 minutes of the practice session.

When they arrived the following morning for the 2nd segment of the workshop, I asked the father how his knee was doing. He said that when he woke up that morning, he moved his knee into many different positions, literally TRYING to find some pain. He said there was no position that aggravated his knee whatsoever! His back pain was also resolved. Keep in mind that these results were accomplished by his 10 year old daughter. She has no knowledge of trigger points, no idea of what innervates what, and absolutely no idea regarding the anatomy of the lower back and/or knee. She simply placed her hands over “where it hurt”, practiced the Quantum-Touch techniques, and allowed her father’s innate body intelligence to heal itself. This really is very easy to learn.

Scheduled Workshops, Lectures/Demos

I am no longer authorized to teach Quantum-Touch workshops. If you want to learn this method, please visit the Quantum-Touch website and click on the “Workshops” link at the top of their page.


Call or e-mail me to make an appointment. I charge $35 for a 30-minute QT session, and $60 for a 1-hour QT session.

Disclaimer: Though Quantum-Touch is highly effective in promoting maximum health and healing through alternative holistic means, it may not be sufficient intervention for some health related issues or concerns. Because Quantum-Touch may accelerate healing, please work closely with your physician to monitor your need for medications. Information contained in our website, through our e-mails, and by phone is not given or intended to be a substitute or replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The owner(s) and staff of Quantum-Touch are not engaged in rendering professional or medical advice. Please take responsibility for your own health!


What Others Have Said

"Quantum-Touch is a significant breakthrough in hands-on healing...most elegant and most efficient....For professionals and lay people alike, Quantum-Touch is an essential and invaluable tool."
Alternative Medicine Magazine - July, 2001

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