Who is Prem Rawat and what does he offer?

Prem Rawat, also known by the honorary title, “Maharaji”, has been traveling the world for more than 50 years bringing a unique message of peace. He gave his first public addresses at the age of 3, and by the age of 13 he was responding to invitations to speak in the United States and Great Britain.

His message is from the heart. He speaks about the possibility for each person to find peace within, regardless of circumstances.

Addressing a distinguished audience at the invitation of the United Nations Association of Malaysia, he recently said, “Peace is a fundamental necessity, and begins with each individual. And, yes, peace is possible.”

Through The Prem Rawat Foundation, he also spearheads significant humanitarian initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people most in need.

From large cities to remote villages, millions of people around the world come to him for inspiration and guidance. Even as his audiences increase, Prem Rawat’s message remains directed to each individual. “If you are looking for fulfillment and peace,” he says, “the solution lies within. If that is what you want, I can help.”

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