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Friday, December 2nd, 2016

This really happened: Within a month after learning the Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy (November, 2008), which includes a protocol for working with people afflicted with ANY Auto Immune Disease (AIDS), I was pleasantly surprised to learn that December 1st, 2008 was “World AIDS Day.”

Within a mile of my residence is the regional office of Big Bend Cares. Copied and pasted from their website: “Big Bend Cares provides education and comprehensive support to people infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS, serving Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Franklin, Taylor and Wakulla Counties.” Thinking that they would be VERY interested in this “new”, energy-based healing modality, I sent the following e-mail to “General”, as directed by their contact page.

Rick Garzaniti <>
CC Rick Garzaniti 12/01/08 at 5:47 PM</>

Hello General,

My name is Rick Garzaniti. I’ve been in the medical profession for 41 years, including nearly 11 years as a paramedic at Tallahassee Memorial, 21 years as a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist, and 3 1/2 years as a Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor.

I recently attended a 3-day seminar to learn The Domancic Method of Bioenergy Healing in Fort Myers, Florida. Zdenko Domancic (doh-MAHN-cheech) and his practitioners have healed more than 1 1/4 million people in his clinic in Slovenia (former Yugoslavia) for 30 years. People from all over the world go to his clinic when everyone else has given up on them. The clinic routinely treats 100-120 people PER DAY(!) and is booked 3-4 months in advance. He treats everyone for donations only.

In the Fort Myers seminar I learned how to treat conditions considered by the medical profession to be “incurable” – conditions such as AIDS, MS, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Lupus, gangrene, gout, Hepatitis C, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, autism…the list is extensive. In fact, I have over 50 pages of protocols for specific conditions.

I am planning to open a similar clinic here in Tallahassee. I got excited when I learned last night (11 o’clock news) that today was World AIDS Day. It was the motivation I needed to “jump start” me into action.

There is a 50-minute documentary called “Think About It” which begins with Mr. Domancic saying, “If we treat a patient, diagnosed with AIDS, with this method, the results will be visible in 3 to 4 days.” You can watch the entire documentary at
For more information, I’ve also attached the official Press Release from October, 2007 above.

I would like to work with people with AIDS using the Domancic Method and, hopefully, attain the same results that Mr. Domancic achieves “ 3 to 4 days.”

A bioenergy session lasts from 10-20 minutes and is done for 4 consecutive days, at the same time every day. I, like Mr. Domancic, will offer these sessions for donations only. Doing so will allow even those people who cannot afford health care or health insurance the opportunity to be healed.

If you know of anyone who might be willing to try this “new” healing technique, and possibly document the results (anonymously, of course), please reply to this e-mail or call me at 850-544-5994.

Thank you,
Rick Garzaniti L.M.T. (#MA9054)
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor


I was not only disappointed, but quite perplexed when my email generated absolutely NO response from Big Bend Cares! None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I honestly thought they “cared” for the well-being of their clients scattered throughout eight (8) north Florida counties.

In the months that followed, I learned that the son of one of my Michigan high school classmates was in the hospital with AIDS. I told him about the Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy and that, because it’s an energy-based modality, I could do the therapy from right here in my living room. If his son agreed to trying it, I’d be happy to work with him. When my friend said that he couldn’t pay me (he worked in the auto industry which wasn’t doing so well in 2009), I told him, “That’s not a problem. I offer this therapy for donations only. My goal is to help people heal. If I was doing this for the money, I’d charge a fee.” His son was interested, and we began his first session the following Monday evening, continuing every day through Thursday evening. (See the complete story, including lab results, on my DM Healing Stories page).

Based upon the amazing results with my friend’s son, I once again reached out to Big Bend Cares to let them know that this therapy actually DID provide visible results “…in 3 to 4 days.” In this case, nearly miraculous results happened within 14 HOURS of his first session! I sent the following e-mail to Big Bend Cares:

Rick Garzaniti <>
CC 04/21/09 at 1:30 PM
Hello again, General,</>

I must admit I was a bit confused and disappointed when my letter introducing the Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy to you on 1 December 08 generated absolutely no response – not what I expected from an organization that claims to “care” about the well-being of AIDS patients.

Well, despite the total lack of local interest in this “new” therapy, it took me 4 months to find someone diagnosed with AIDS who was willing to “try anything at this point”. “Freddie” is the son of a couple from high school I graduated with. He had been in the hospital for 5 weeks with an unknown diagnosis. The doctors thought it was some sort of brain abnormality.

Following is the letter I posted to the Bioenergy blog this morning (for Domancic practitioners only).

Here’s an update on this client. Turns out he has AIDS (from a former girlfriend who was a heavy drug user), but his dad was not comfortable sharing that info with me before getting his son’s permission. He also has emphysema. The 4 sessions started on Monday evening and went through Thursday evening. He was discharged from the hospital and transferred to a nursing home that Monday morning.

I followed the automimmune and emphysema protocols as closely as I could, except I did NOT perform the foot manipulation and positive therapy (pt) to his whole body because pt is contraindicated with emphysema. I also added a minute to the head warming simply because his brain was the issue – the M.D.s said his MRI showed “too much light”. Instead of all the different colors normally seen in an MRI, his had lots of white areas.

His dad phoned me the next morning to say that “Freddie” (not his son’s real name) had been so weak while he was hospitalized that he did not have control of his bowels and bladder. He often “soiled himself”, but was too weak to do anything about it – someone else would have to clean him up and change his clothes.

When my friend and his wife went to visit Freddie the morning after his first Bioenergy Therapy, they said when Freddie woke up, he realized he had soiled himself during the night. He told himself, “Screw this!”, then got up out of bed, WALKED into the bathroom, CLEANED HIMSELF UP and CHANGED HIS OWN CLOTHES! His parents were VERY pleased with that. His dad told me that it MIGHT have been that Freddie’s medications were finally beginning to work, but that Freddie’s behavior on Tuesday morning was the absolute most dramatic improvement they had seen since his 5 week hospital stay.

After his 4th and last treatment, I asked Freddie if he was noticing any improvements. He said, “A little.” Then added, “My dad wants to talk to you.” His dad said that he heard Freddie saying that he noticed “a little” improvement during his 4 day session, but he wanted me to know that for MONTHS, he and his wife have had to help Freddie get in and out of bed. Thursday morning, the last day of Freddie’s therapy, his parents walked into the room in time to see Freddie walk from the bathroom to the bed, climb into bed, then scoot his hips back so he could sit up ON HIS OWN! By the way, he did all this while holding a cup of hot coffee without spilling a drop.

Freddie wasn’t even aware of how much better he was doing, but his parents sure noticed. Here are the letters I received this morning from both his mom and dad – the words in [brackets] are mine:

Hi Rick, I wanted to update [Freddie’s] condition for you. His improvement has been amazing!!! He had a doctor appointment yesterday and his doctor said that he had never seen anyone improve so much so fast. He expects that [Freddie] will be able to go home by Memorial Day.

When we got to the nursing home on Monday before his first session with you, we had to help him out of bed and into his wheel chair. He had been put on a soft diet because he couldn’t cut his own food. That first 20 minutes was very, very hard for him to handle. Just sitting in the chair for that long was a strain. The next morning he told us that he had dressed himself and even tied his shoes. Every day there was significant improvement. The dietician put him on a regular diet again because his shakes are gone. They were so severe he couldn’t feed himself.

Today is his 35th birthday and I really didn’t think we’d be celebrating it this year. But after his appointment yesterday his wife took him to the Moose [Lodge] (he’s a member and he really wanted to go there) for a birthday party. Family members who had seen him in the hospital were stunned when he got out of the wheel chair and walked to the bar for a drink (non-alcoholic of course!). And he cut and fed himself a steak dinner!

Thank you so much for your help. We are telling everyone about it. I’m sure the meds are doing their thing, but I’m also sure he wouldn’t be as improved as he is without your help. Please use his story if you’d like to help others.

Thanks again, Rick. We’ll keep you informed on his progress.

And the letter from Freddie’s dad:

“I had to say….I am Impressed. The doctor told [Freddie] and [his wife] yesterday that he has never seen so much improvement in such a short time. He was looking at him and grinning and saying this is phenomenal.
[His wife] asked him if is possible that the AIDS can go back into an HIV positive state. The Doctor seems to think that he could improve that much with what he has seen so far. He also said it could go to the opposite direction and he could have a relapse. His Immune system is the key. That is what you said you were working on.

“Thanks again, Rick. I really believe this Bio Energy Therapy worked for him. I can not give the medication that much credit. [Freddie] left the Doctor’s yesterday and joined us and many of my brothers and our family at the [Moose Lodge] where he ate a Steak dinner and a Taco dinner. Something he hasn’t done in a long time. He rarely finishes more than half of his dinner and he almost completely ate both!”

Me again. Four days of Bioenergy and Freddie goes from being in the hospital weak, malnourished, incontinent of bowel and bladder with severe muscle tremors and nearly dead to being able to walk, feed himself because his tremors stopped, and better able to control his incontinence. The fact that neither of his parents expected to be celebrating Freddie’s 35th birthday today is HUGELY rewarding for me.

And all this was accomplished on someone I’ve never met who lives on a different part of the planet. Once again, thank you, Mr. Domancic for this therapy.

So, once again, I ask if you know of anyone who might be willing to try this “new” healing technique, and possibly document the results (anonymously, of course), please reply to this e-mail, or call me at 850-544-5994.

Thank you,
Rick Garzaniti LMT (MA9054)
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Instructor
Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy Practitioner


I was shocked when, within MINUTES after hitting the “Send” button, I received the following response from Big Bend Cares:

“Rob Renzi <>
To 04/21/09 at 1:39 PM
Your e-mail went unanswered because your “therapy” cannot be paid for via Medicaid, Medicare or Ryan White so is of no use to our consumers. Please delete me from your e-mail list</>”

So, even though I mentioned, more than once, that I offer this therapy for donations only, in only ONE SENTENCE I learned that what Big Bend Cares about is its funding. In the second sentence I was literally BLOCKED from ever contacting them again!

Timeless Message

Sunday, December 26th, 2004

Although the following letter was written in 1991, its message remains timeless:

January 1, 1991

I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

It takes three hundred and sixty-five days of changes to bring about the new year. Yet the surroundings of this life change at the beat of every second. The only thing that is constant and true is held within the heart.

Savor not the changes, but the grace and gifts that are continually showered upon us. Then our perspective and the outcome of this life is very enjoyable. Things may be ambiguous in this life, but life itself is never ambiguous. Gather affection for the unchangeable, then all the changes do not matter.

It is easier to wish for joy in one’s life, yet harder to bring it about. Each one of us has to turn within and find the true joy, the true consistency and the real gift that always has and will reside within ourselves.

Acknowledge the grace and kindness that has been so abundantly bestowed upon you. That in itself has the power to bring spring to the driest of the deserts.

I would love to see you soon, and I wish you the best.

With love and blessings,
Prem Rawat

Trust in What?

Tuesday, December 16th, 2003

My most memorable experience with “helping” a dying patient was when I was a paramedic. We responded to a call around 10 p.m. in one of the so-called “projects”. As we entered the front door, we saw an elderly black man, late 70s or early 80s, lying motionless on a hospital bed in the living room. His family was gathered around him, heads bowed and weeping softly. His eyes were closed and he was breathing.

His wife explained that he had a long bout with cancer and had been recently sent home from the hospital because there was nothing else they could do for him there.

In an effort to wake him up, I gently shook him while saying, “Mr. Johnson, Mr. Johnson.” (not his real name) No response. I pinched his leg. No response. The final thing I did was something that hurts A LOT to a conscious person: I pressed one of my knuckles into his sternum. Still no response. Despite my efforts, Mr. Johnson remained totally unresponsive to verbal or painful stimuli.

When we contacted his physician on the phone, we were told that his body was riddled with cancer and that there was nothing more that could be done for him at the hospital. His MD stated that the family agreed to let him die in peace at home, but, apparently, they weren’t as prepared for that event as they thought.  The doctor instructed us to transport Mr. Johnson to the hospital so that he could die there, and added, “No heroics” (i.e., no IV, no oxygen, no monitor, no CPR, no lights and sirens).

Mr. Johnson remained totally unresponsive while we transferred him from the bed onto our stretcher. There was about 15-20 yards of grass between his apartment and where our ambulance was parked. We rolled the stretcher over the bumpy grass out to the ambulance, not to be “mean”, but to see if THAT might elicit some response). We lifted him into the ambulance, locked the stretcher in place, and closed the back doors. I rode in back with him while my partner drove at normal speed.

I continued my attempts to stimulate him by calling his name several times, jostling him from left to right, and gently pressing a knuckle into his sternum. Still no response. I sat back and began to write my run report, documenting the night’s events.

I looked up for a second and looked at him lying motionless on the stretcher in front of me and thought, “This man is dying.” I realized my run report could wait until after our arrival at the hospital.

That’s when something deep within me said, “He’s not responding to words or pain. I wonder if he’ll respond to love.” I placed the paperwork next to me on the bench, leaned forward, picked up his hand and held it in mine. Taking a conscious breath (as I learned from Prem Rawat), I FELT a STRONG CONNECTION with my Creator as that breath bridged the gap between my finite body and the infinite that resides within me, filling me once again with this precious gift of life. At that exact MOMENT, Mr. Johnson opened his eyes, slowly turned his head towards me, looked into my eyes and smiled. He then closed his eyes, and died.

I wasn’t saddened, I was humbled. I felt grateful and fortunate that I was “used” to comfort and assist this man during his transition from this life to whatever happens next.

People who are dying are spiritually attuned, and their need is for that to be validated. Mr. Johnson was oblivious to verbal and painful stimuli. Those were external, physical forces. But, somehow, he was awakened by an unseen Love that can only be FELT. Although no words were exchanged, there is no doubt that his smile was his way of saying “Thank you.” It was as if he was waiting for an affirmation of Love, God, Truth – whatever you want to call it – before leaving his body.

This one incident was a gentle, yet powerful, reminder to trust in the ONLY thing that is worthy of our trust: the ONE LOVE that connects us all.


Sunday, November 16th, 2003

I’d like to take this time to thank my good friend and webmaster, Stephen Caudill, for his patience and expertise in setting up this website. Stephen’s website is He can be reached at

The most recent update to my site, 18 January 2024, was done by Brian Spraker at BsnTech Networks. Brian can be reached at

The photo of me in the “Biography” section was taken by my friend, Jacob Reiter, whom I met in 2008 when he and his roommate lived in the apartment above mine in 2008.

Treating from the Heart

Tuesday, November 11th, 2003

As a paramedic, I responded to a call at a small hotel. The manager reported that a guest was having “difficult breathing”.

On arrival, we walked into the man’s room. He was in his 60’s, lying on his bed with labored breathing. He had a bulbous red nose (like W.C. Fields), and a small bottle of nitroglycerin tablets on the nightstand next to his bed. His breath smelled like he’d been drinking. I read his name on the Rx.

I said, “Mr. Johnson (not his real name), do you have any other problems besides angina?” He said, “Go away.” I explained that the manager called us to check him for his labored breathing and that, since we were there, he should at least let us evaluate him. There would be no charge if we didn’t transport him.

While my partner began to take his blood pressure, I asked if he was taking any other meds. He said they were in the “grip” at the foot of the bed. I opened the small leather pouch and saw several generic Rx’s from a VA hospital. The man was a World War II veteran.

Just then, the guy got up off the bed, BP cuff still dangling from his arm, rushed over to sit in a chair directly in front of me, flipped open his small suitcase, took a pistol off the top of his clothes, pointed it at his head, closed his eyes, and leaned back in the chair – all within 4 seconds.

My immediate thoughts were 1) “Well, he’s not pointing that gun at me”, 2) “He’s not mad at me”, and finally, “I wonder how loud it’s gonna be?”

My partner then literally ran over the top of the mattress, twisted the gun from the guy’s hand, opened the chamber, and dumped 6 bullets onto the bed.

When the police arrived (attempted suicide), the guy told the cop, “You got a gun, YOU shoot me.” The cop calmly said, “I got no reason to shoot you.”

Realizing that this man needed to hear the right words to help him at that time was a no-brainer. I asked him again, from my heart, “Mr. Johnson, what is going on?” He replied, “I was a prisoner of war in a German concentration camp.”

At that moment, Rick Garzaniti stepped aside and the following response just flowed from my mouth: “Mr. Johnson, you didn’t let them kill you THEN, don’t let them kill you NOW!!” It was then that he got up and willfully laid down on our stretcher.

This is a perfect example of how being present, treating the patient from our hearts, and listening with our being is so important.

It certainly worked for me.

NOTE: The night before we responded to this call, CBS TV aired a special program honoring World War II military personnel called “V Day”. The program included lots of footage of actual WWII battle scenes. As I watched that program (part of it), I couldn’t help but wonder what effect those videos would have on WWII veterans. I found out the next afternoon.

Coming to Tallahassee?

Friday, September 5th, 2003

These are a couple of referrals I’m happy to make. For a great place to eat Mexican food, I recommend El Jalisco For organic produce and healthy food choices, there’s locally owned The Bark daily food and drink specials. Whole Foods Market is on Thomasville Road, and Trader Joe’s is further north on Thomasville Road. If you’re looking for a restaurant where NOTHING is fried (not even their french fries), try Island Wings, close to Interstate 10

Who is Prem Rawat and what does he offer?

Saturday, August 30th, 2003

Prem Rawat, also known by the honorary title, “Maharaji”, has been traveling the world for more than 50 years bringing a unique message of peace. He gave his first public addresses at the age of 3, and by the age of 13 he was responding to invitations to speak in the United States and Great Britain.

His message is from the heart. He speaks about the possibility for each person to find peace within, regardless of circumstances.

Addressing a distinguished audience at the invitation of the United Nations Association of Malaysia, he recently said, “Peace is a fundamental necessity, and begins with each individual. And, yes, peace is possible.”

Through The Prem Rawat Foundation, he also spearheads significant humanitarian initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people most in need.

From large cities to remote villages, millions of people around the world come to him for inspiration and guidance. Even as his audiences increase, Prem Rawat’s message remains directed to each individual. “If you are looking for fulfillment and peace,” he says, “the solution lies within. If that is what you want, I can help.”

For more information, please visit the following websites:


Wednesday, August 20th, 2003

“All roads have an end and thus all journeys upon them will some day end. Find the universe within you and you may journey forever.” – Prem Rawat


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