Timeless Message

Although the following letter was written in 1991, its message remains timeless:

January 1, 1991

I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

It takes three hundred and sixty-five days of changes to bring about the new year. Yet the surroundings of this life change at the beat of every second. The only thing that is constant and true is held within the heart.

Savor not the changes, but the grace and gifts that are continually showered upon us. Then our perspective and the outcome of this life is very enjoyable. Things may be ambiguous in this life, but life itself is never ambiguous. Gather affection for the unchangeable, then all the changes do not matter.

It is easier to wish for joy in one’s life, yet harder to bring it about. Each one of us has to turn within and find the true joy, the true consistency and the real gift that always has and will reside within ourselves.

Acknowledge the grace and kindness that has been so abundantly bestowed upon you. That in itself has the power to bring spring to the driest of the deserts.

I would love to see you soon, and I wish you the best.

With love and blessings,
Prem Rawat

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